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Membership Types

FELLOWS: Members in this class shall be limited to physicians duly licensed in the state of Arizona, whose practice or professional activities are limited to Dermatology, Dermatological Surgery or Dermatopathology. A Fellow must be certified or be board eligible by the American Board of Dermatology or American Board of Osteopathic Dermatology or American Board of Dermatopathology. Fellows shall be required to pay dues, and shall have full membership rights, including the right to participate in discussions, to vote, to hold office and to serve on committees.

AFFILIATE:  Affiliates shall be health care professionals working in the field of dermatology and dermatologic surgery under the active employment of a Fellow of the Society. Affiliates shall enjoy all privileges of Fellows, including that of participation in scientific discussions and other scientific conferences held by the Society and will be required to pay dues. They shall not be able to vote, nor hold elective office, nor attend business meetings.

Membership Benefits

  • ADDSS hosts two annual scientific meetings, which look at some of the most recent developments in the field of dermatology
  • Discounted annual meeting registration fees
  • Annual membership directory
  • ADDSS researches and supports legislation that promotes public health, such as tanning regulation, body piercing regulation, and physician dispensed products.
  • Members are kept abreast of all issues -including legal, economic, and political, effecting the practice of dermatology in Arizona
  • Network with over 200 members